The Scottish Gallery – Rebranding 2018

Client: The Scottish Gallery (2017)

Briefing & Concept: Christina Jansen commissioned me for a rebranding of The Scottish Gallery, a well-known institution based in Edinburgh which had just celebrated 175 years of existence, founded by Aitken Dott in 1842. Originally set up as gilders, framers and artists colourmen, it also sold artwork by leading Scottish artists. The Gallery sought to update their identity and communicate their brand clearly and well across all media including stationary, online communication, exhibition catalogues and packaging.

Outcome: The gallery’s history and importantly its location in Dundas Street, a steep street in New Town Edinburgh, inspired the rebranding. The handwritten name of Aitken Dott, was introduced back into the identity and used on the exterior above the entrance. For the logo element we chose a modern sans-serif typeface in which the name is set to resemble the stairs leading up to the gallery. A circle had been previously employed as a smaller element on the exterior sign, and was kept albeit as an outline in order to give the name element more focus and the appearance of a seal. This design solution ensured to be highly adaptable and suitable to all sizes and communication requirements for print and web.