SystemSeeds – Systematising Nature

Concept: This projects builds upon Food for Thought Part 1 (2013) in which I investigated the food regulations set-out by the EU, which ensures high standards for customers in supermarkets but also the expectations within the logistics chains and supermarkets alike. These underlying mechanisms are often invisible to the customer, except for the occasional outcry over straight bananas. Since 2013 little has changed for the producers of the goods, with food waste continuing to rise.

Outcome: In this edition of Food for Thought, I collaborated with Christoph Miler, to illustrate and imagine the processes taking place behind the scenes. Fictional scales, digital measurements, labeling and indication seamlessly tell the story of our attempts to control and master nature and its goods. Some of these fictional scientific procedures might be in use or is in development, such as artificial machine-learning to detect diseases. By envisioning measuring techniques and growing methods of systematisation and computerisation of the food chain, we are approaching the subject from a speculative point of view that might not be far fetched from the truth.