Stories in 140 Characters – Video Installation

Brief & Client: The Central Library Edinburgh set an open exhibition brief to create an artwork that draws its inspiration from the institution and its huge collection. The exhibition ran from June to August 2014, and included illustrators and graphic designers.

Concept: Stories in 140 Characters was inspired by the way we read and access information in the 21st century. Equipped with our many »i-devices« and e-readers our reading habits seem to have changed towards skimming for relevant information reinforced due to our changed circumstances. The question remains how much time there is left for our very own individual and self-imposed education. On that note Kafka inspired the work further by his notion: »I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the books we are reading don’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading them for?«. Could there be a way to raise attention for the great minds of our mind bearing new technology and
reading habits in mind?

Outcome: The final piece brought these two notions together: An animation that uses distinctive literature quotes no longer than 140 characters based on the format of Twitter. The quotes were chosen and combined to build upon each other in meaning and create their own narrative through the animation.

The layout of the animation suggests a reminiscent of a departure board with the books becoming the destination. To achieve this visual concept booklets were filmed and only the turning of the page animated thus including the human element.

Footnotes with information about the author, title and department shall invite the viewer to explore the library.
The video projected can be seen here: