The Scottish Colourists Foundation – Branding

Brief & Client: The Scottish Colourists are four well-known painters, partially friends, who were grouped under this title given their similarities within their approaches and philosophy. Despite differences in medium at times, their usage and angst-free application of colour in their work became their signature. Guy Peploe, SJ Peploe’s grandson, approached me to develop a concept and identity for The Scottish Colourists Foundation created in their name to promote Peploe, Fergusson, Hunter and Cadell within the UK and beyond its borders.

Outcome: »Every man has to find his way, and mine will be the one of colour.« Fergusson said; based on this sentiment we developed the identity highly aware that there couldn’t be a singular design for all artists, nor one artwork being particularly highlighted within the identity. Instead we decided to develop as many as unique business cards using different artwork details on the fronts. This allowed us to show the sheer breadth of all artists both in terms of subject and style. Every business card recipient is therefore given a unique part of the Scottish Colourists (Foundation). A four-colour identity scheme was further developed, which matches the artworks on the front.

The logo element itself draws on the idea of adding colour where one may not expect it, which the artists were known for (particularly the landscape work in Scotland). It is also influenced by the typographic aesthetics at that time (i.e. see The Blue Review), in particular the magazine Fergusson contributed to heavily called Rhythm.

Notably we also created further bespoke letters, based on the main logo element, for the four names at the bottom of the stationary.