Scottish Magazine Awards – Award Branding

Brief & Client: Print is not dead and nor is the booming magazine profession in Scotland. Every year PPA Scotland celebrates the nation’s best magazines across 25 categories, yet without the people creating, curating and selling outstanding content these magazines would simply not exist. We asked: Could the trophy design showcase the best work of the talent mentioned only in the small print? How could we draw attention to the beauty and tactility of print production? And how could the trophies become more unique and personalised to the winners?

PPA Scotland also commissioned me to design their respective brochures for the shortlist and the winners magazine.

Outcome: I created an award that reflected the magazine profession by employing print elements such as a base-line grid, image placeholders and bold typography on the trophy front. But the key to the design lay in a small surprise: each winner’s respective magazine cover was hand-cut – honouring the original intent of the cover – and placed into the trophy. Letter cut-outs acted as a reveal to the beauty of the print, with every Scottish Magazine Award winner sent home with a unique trophy that showcased their talent and skill.

For the winners magazine I suggested to showcase the winners’ work in a new light and photograph all magazines professionally to achieve a more editorial look and feel. For the photography I collaborated with Simon Baker.