Little Sparta Trust – Digital Garden

Brief & Client: The Little Sparta trust commissioned DesignInformatics to analyse their current way of targeting new audiences and promoting Little Sparta (Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay) beyond established audiences. DesignInformatics conducted field research and highlighted areas of improvement of which one was their web presence. Since the garden is opened only for a short period within the year (June–September), the aim was that the website could be used as a better information source during the winter period, but also the main season.

Outcome: In order to raise the profile of the Little Sparta Garden, during the summer and winter period, we created an interactive map as the key piece of the website. The map features 50 key artworks (photography), an audio tour by the head gardener George as well as drone footage (produced by DesignInformatics). Prospective visitors can therefore explore the garden before and after their visit in a new way.

The website layouts were designed with the intent to honor the neoclassical style used in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s own work and previous publications. A high emphasis was placed on creating a digestible editorial style for text-heavier pages.

The development of the webdesign was undertaken by DesignInformatics internally. The map developed by Shaun Perry (Inside&Out).